Skøgul platter L G

Kroppkaka & lingonberries (V/VG*)
Pickled mushrooms & cured carrot
Tomato tartar

10 €
Jerusalem artichoke soup & crayfish M G
11 €
Västerbotten pie V
10 €
Cheese* G V
5/10 €


Chicken or tofu salad M G

Roasted beetroot, roasted pumpkin
cherry tomatoes and cranberry vinaigrette

16 €
Fish of the day L G

Cauliflower puree, roasted carrots,
crispy kale and brown butter

23 €
Lamb roast M G

Carrot puree, pan fried beans and cranberry sauce

23 €
Mushroom risotto G M VG
14 €
Skøgul hamburger & deep-fried root vegetables

with a 150g beef patty or with a bean patty
pickled onions, salad, cherry tomatoes and

16 €


Sour cream pancake V L

with pear and vanilla sauce

8 €
Crème brûlée V G L

with apple compote

8 €
Ice cream/sorbet ball

with meringue

4 €