Skøgul platter L

- creamy potato salad with pickled herring
- vegetable curdité
- cured salmon with lemon curd
*ask your waiter for the vegan selection

10 €
Egg & asparagus L G

poached egg, asparagus with cured
parma ham

10 €
Salad & Pesto M G VG

with vegetables of the season

7 €
Toast Skagen L

with side salad

9/17 €


Duck (L G) or Tofu (L G V)

with bean puree, sour beets and umami sauce

22/18 €
Fish of the day L G

with fennel puree, dill potato, vegetables of the season and beurre blanc

25 €
Marbled beef sirloin (180g) L G

with parsnip and potato terrine, vegetables of the season and tarragon sauce

26 €
Asparagus risotto G L V

with marinated sprouts, pickled red onions and carrot crisps

16 €
Skøgul burger

160g meat patty or quinoa and beet patty, pickled red onions, cherry tomatoes, coleslaw, deep fried root vegetables and truffle mayonnaise

16 €


Pannacotta L G V

with sea buckthorn granita and
sugar cookie

8 €
House Brownie L G V

with carrot jam and lemon meringue

8 €
Ice cream/sorbet ball

with meringue

4 €