Skøgul platter L G

- Jaloviina smoked salmon and pickled chillies
- Roasted celery in butter milk caramel
- Winter apple carpaccio, sweet and salty nuts
 and cheese
*also available as vegan (seitan) (L)

10 €
Parsnip soup L G

with crispy bacon and parsley oil

10 €
Green kale pie VG L G

with side salad

10 €
Blue cheese with gingerbread V L

with blueberry compote and saffron apple

8 €


Smoked duck (M G) or seitan (M) salad

with pickled beetroot, saffron pickled apple, roasted carrots, cherry tomatoes and balsamic

18/15 €
Fish of the day L G

with celery puree, roasted root vegetables, crispy green kale and sea buckthorn sauce

24 €
Petit Tender 160g (includes bacon) M G

with house røsti, red cabbage puree, crispy parsnip flakes and Jaloviina sauce

24 €
Beetroot risotto G M VG

with sweet and salty nuts, saffron pickled fennel and balsamic syrup

15 €
Skøgul burger

150g meat patty or bean patty, caramelized onions, cherry tomatoes, coleslaw, deep fried root vegetables and truffle mayonnaise

16 €


Saffron cake V L G

with orange and grape compote and Russian candy mousse

8 €
Jaloviina tiramisu with gingerbread V L

with blueberry compote

8 €
Ice cream/sorbet ball

with meringue

4 €